My EasterEggs on BoredPanda

Sooner or later it had to happen! I have been following this site for a long time and I finally published one of my projects Read the article

BugSuite by Mr.Martini

BugSuite by Mr.martini

Here some shots of my latest work for Nicola Martini. This is an interesting object , an exclusive space to store and preserve the objects of your passion. Inside the BugSuite some fashion accessories of H.T.C. Company Leather Goods and  Helmets made by Ruby. Alcuni scatti del  mio ultimo lavoro per Nicola Martini. Sono foto […]

Scramblers Kit by MrMartini

Here some shots of my work for MrMartini. This is a good example of the “Scrambler kit” production. Alcuni scatti del mio lavoro per MrMartini. Questo è un ottimo esempio della produzione di  “scrambler kit“.    

Mr Martini ShowRoom

mr martini showroom

Here the entry of the MrMartini ShowRoom. Questa è l’entrata dello ShowRoom di Mr.Martini.