Hype Icon in Dock

Animated Hype icon Template content:  Hype elements and images Animated icon with vector paths Options Click Drag Icon Control the animation with slider Elements: Hype Timelines + symbols + Javascript for Drag&Drop. Free template Available at HypeDocks   Animation online

Worms Party

Worms Party It is not a real game but a pastime. You have to feed all the chicks but not too much! Chicks are always happy to eat and never stop. Free template Available at HypeDocks Animation online

Box Effect

Vertical Banners with animated effets.   Template content:  4 Box / banner 255×310 pixel Actions:  Animation on hover +  link. Elements: Hype Timelines + SVG shapes External Resources: 4 images (one image for each banner) SVG shape imported in the inter HTML (only in box n°3) Free template Available at HypeDocks

Animated Lozenge

Banners with 2D transformations   Template content: Five Symbols, 300/300 pixel Vertical + Sqaured + Horizontal Actions:  Animation on hover +  link. Elements:  Hype Timelines only, no external Javascript Free template Available at HypeDocks