EasterEggs Colibrì & Cacatua

Colibrì and Cacatua EasterEggs, here two special models with different geometries and designs Due modelli speciali con geometrie e disegni differenti

Mozart & Beethoven Lantern

Special 3D lantern with two Lithophane, Mozart & Beethoven and a small light inside Lanterna 3D con due litofanie, Mozart e Beethoven e una piccola luce all’interno

My EasterEggs on BoredPanda

Sooner or later it had to happen! I have been following this site for a long time and I finally published one of my projects Read the article

EasterEggs 3D and my project 3DSHAPE

This is one of my favorite Projects. I’m also a 3D designer and I’m quite expert also in SLA 3d Printing . I created some 3D models with a famous shape, the egg! These decorative eggs are 3D printed with resin then hardened (polymerized) with UV light. The object is made with resin layerings hit […]

Youtube Live – Fabula3D and Parliamo di Maker

It was a pleasure to meet Maurizio Reggiani at “Parliamo di Maker“, a master in 3D printing. Thanks also to Marco Ardesi for the live!. Have a look, we talk (again) about SLA printing and some other interesting things. BTW: I suggest also this awesome 3D artist, you can see some models in the video, […]

Youtube Live – Fabula3D and FoxSource3D

My first live with my friend Marco at Fabula 3D youtube Channel and Luca at Fox Source 3D. have a look, we talk about SLA printing and some other interesting things. SPECIALE RESINA – Slicing e Stampa 3D DPL/SLA – 3d Shape Design e FoxSource 3D Printing

La Tempesta, 3D Labyrinth & Graphics

3D Labyrinth & Graphics for theatrical work It was a pleasure to work with Paolo Calafiore (stage design linkedin) . I worked on 2D and 3D graphics for the show’s projections. Produzione: Arena di Verona | 77° Festival Teatro Romano di Verona Teatro Romano Verona, ” La Tempesta ” Ballet inspired by William Shakespeare: choreography […]