Asiago Plateau infrared 715nm

Some shots taken with a modified camera. an APS-C with 18mil. pixel. Thanks to this camera I can use all my lenses without circular filters.  

Strange traveler

In the Asiago plateau, during my trip I’ve found a mimetic van between a lot of cows in a big and desolate valley. A very original man, with a strange passion. He covered the van with a lot of things. Nel altopiano di Asiago, durante il mio viaggio ho trovato un furgone mimetico tra un […]

Alinari at Venice

Venezia alinari style

Piazza San Marco in “Alinari Old Style”. Photo published on: Franz Magazine n°3 2010 – Italy Pages: 22, 23 (double). Piazza san Marco nel vecchio stile Alinari.  Foto pubblicata in: Franz Magazine n°3 2010 – Italy Pagine: 22, 23 (doppia pagina).

Panoramic stripes

panoramic 180

Some panoramic stripes in Trentino. I used  the x-100 Fuji without tripod. Alcune strisce panoramiche in Trentino. Ho usato  la Fuji X-100 senza cavalletto.

Dark mountains

landscapes folgaria

Here some shots of my holidays at Folgaria with my skis and the great X100 Fuji. Alcuni scatti delle mie vacanze a Folgaria con i miei sci e la mitica X100.        

Solid clouds


Solid clouds at sunset / Nuvole solide al tramonto